Thing's Canadian's Ask American's

After being in Vancouver for a year now, and including all my years of traveling to Montreal, I think it's safe for me to compile a list of questions that Canadians have asked me over the years. Many of them are common, whereas, some can be a one time thing.  

I am also including my most common answers to these questions 😆... This is not to offend anyone either so... don't take it the wrong way. 

1. Does Everyone Have A Gun? 

No. Not everyone. However, its understandable why some might ask that. Especially since the United States ranks #1 on countries with most guns. There are 88.8 Guns for every 100 residents, while Canada only has about 30.8 for every 100. 


2. Do You Have A Gun? 

😐 Personally, No, I don't. I have however, taken initiative to learn how to properly use one, and learn about gun safety. 


3. Are You Voting For Trump?

Im just going to leave this here...


4. Why Is Everyone Rude In The States?

Not Everyone is rude. Why are y'all so nice? 

5. Why is everything still in the Imperial system?

Because we are cool, and different 😊. To be honest... it sounds better when you say "Miles Per Hour" 


6. You Don't Dip Your Pizza?

Uhm... No! I mean, Im sure it tastes good but... NO!


7. Do You Take Your Shoes Off When You Enter Someones Home?

Unfortunately no. 


8. Is It True I Can Buy Beer Almost Anywhere?

Fact. However, most Canadian cities sell beer in gas stations, 7/11, and grocery stores as well. 


9. Why Do American's Think They Can Just Walk Across Our Border?

This is in regards to the upcoming elections. To be honest, 9.9/10 when friends or family talk to me about "how easy it is to Move to Canada" they are always asking about the process of obtaining residency or a visa. Its never just "hey lets walk across the border"... 


10. Why Are There American Flags Everywhere?

Because #Merica. To be honest, I see a ton of Canadian flags everywhere here too... soo... yeah. 


11. Why Is Your Health Care So Expensive?

Probably because we pay lower taxes...