Do layovers count as visiting?

If you're like me who likes to take note of every single place or city you have visited and add to your map on the wall or digital map, then this question is a good one to ask yourself. Does it count if you drive through a city and make a quick stop at a fast food station or have a layover somewhere? Lets say for example I'm driving from New York to Florida, and along the way I stop in orlando but I only stop for gas. Can I say that Ive "been" there? does it really count? 

Technically yes, but does it really count? Same thing for the Layovers, Can you say you've been somewhere if it were only to switch airplanes? 

A lot of people have argued with me that I shouldn't be able to add that to my map of places Ive "visited" however, personally, I feel like it does count. Even though you don't get out and explore the city itself, you were still there. 

These are just my thoughts. let me know what you think in the comments below :)