Make Your Own Online Travel Map

Growing up I always wanted to have one of those large maps on my wall where I can pin all the cities, states, and countries I have visited. However, I never got around to doing that. Despite the fact that I haven't visited many countries, But I have visited many cities in North America, I still want one. During a small Marketing project I was working on for a company I worked for, I came across a couple of websites that allow you to make maps like these, except they are online. I decided to create one on my own, especially since I will be traveling to Europe next summer :). 

The Red indicates where I have been. 

The Green indicates where I want to go.

The Blue indicates where I'm going. 

I have not yet filled the map with everywhere that I want to go, and I'm sure i missed a few cities that I have visited as well. I think i have reached as much as 22 states so far. I plan to visit all 50. 

The websites you can use are:

Personally, I found Zee Maps to be the best one of the three. Although Zee Maps uses Google Maps, I had a tough time Pinning some countries on Google Map Maker. Thats probably because of my IP Address. 

You can always log back in and update!