A Day In Seattle, WA.

A few months ago I ventured across the Canadian border from my new home in New Westminster, BC, where I have been for the past year. The occasion? Nothing special. A friend of mine came to visit from Montreal, QC, for a few days and we decided to take the short drive down. Our initial plan was to simply get there and do the research while we were there, in hopes of finding something cool to do spontaneously. However, despite Seattle being a pretty cool city, I gotta say I was a bit disappointed. 

Nonetheless, This gave me the opportunity to visit Seattle, and get some great pictures. The city is not terrible, and I recommend anyone to visit if you're close by. However, Its not a city I plan on returning to unless there is something special that requires me to go there. Below are a few things that we did, and would be a great start for your trip to Seattle. This is everything we did in about 9-10 hours. 

seattle space needle

SPACE NEEDLE: Our first stop was the space needle. It was really cool to see it from up close. However, we decided not to go up because it was a bit busy. So instead we walked around and decided to go to a park that was nearby, and has a great waterfront view. The area around the Space Needle seems like it offers plenty to do. There is a museum, a botanical garden, and a theatre. 


PIKE PLACE MARKET: Our second stop was at Pike Place market. We walked from the space needle to the market, which was a very nice walk, we got to see parts of the city, and it wasn't too far. Its only about a mile, but we took a different route that was about 3 miles. Pike Place market has a very nostalgic feel to it. You feel as if you're in the early 1900's, which was probably my favorite part of the trip. This is also the location of the Original Starbucks. 

pike place market
pike place market seattle

KERRY PARK: After spending a couple of hours exploring and shopping at Pike Place Market, we had some lunch at a local restaurant. After that we decided to head over to our last stop which was Kerry Park. Apparently this park offered breath taking views of Seattle. And, yes it does. Unfortunately for us, we were walking all around Seattle to avoid paying parking, or wasting time looking for parking. This came to us as a bit of a challenge because getting up to Kerry Park is not exactly a piece of cake, lol. 

If you're on foot, expect to walk up a lot of stairs, and steep streets. Very steep. But in the end, the view makes it worth it. 

kerry park
kerry park seattle
kerry park seattle

Because we had a three hour drive back to Vancouver we decided to end our trip early. It was a fun little trip, I'm sure next time around Ill try and visit with more time. 


All photos are mine, and as always taken with my Pentax K3