New York City To Vancouver, BC for 5$... Literally

Hello and welcome back to LosFizz! If you have been keeping up with my blog you should know by now that i have decided to pursue my bachelors at a university in British Columbia, Canada. ( Vancouver ) I decided to go to Vancouver, BC instead of San Jose, California because the cost of attendance is ridiculously cheaper! I won't get into too many details about that because ill save it for another post under my "College" Blog so check back for that. 

Going to cut straight to the cheese here, in todays blog i wanted to share something that i have mentioned before in some of my other travel posts. S K Y M I L E S!! Yes, Skymiles! What is so good about them? Well for starters if you read my title, you're probably saying... NO WAY! there is absolutely no way you can buy an airline ticket for that cheap! 

Oh but there is! I did kind of jump the gun here by buying my plane ticket so far in advance ( About 2.5 months ) because i am still in the application process of obtaining a student visa, until i get one i won't be 100% sure that i am actually making this big move. However I've been keeping an eye on the flight prices and today was definitely a day that i could not miss out on for purchasing this ticket. 


  • Signing up for skymiles® or any other airline rewards program is easy. Simply go on their website and sign up. In most cases airlines will allow customers to sign up for a rewards program without having to sign up for a new credit card or debit card. This is a great perk for frequent fliers who constantly take business trips and the trips are paid for by the company. 
  • Signing up with a credit card or debit card like American Express or Capital one is another great idea. Miles ( Points ) vary between airlines and can go from 1 mile ( Point ) for every 1$ spent to up to crazy amounts like 60 miles ( Points ) for every 1$ spent! ( Sometimes more ). 
  • For this post ill put emphasis on Delta Skymiles because its the one that i am most familiar with. Another great perk of Skymiles is the Skymiles Shopping Website. Skymile members can simply log on to the Skymiles Shopping website and choose a partner from who they want to shop so that they can earn even more miles. What does this mean? For example, lets say you're in the market for a new pair of shoes. Lets say you love to shop at nordstrom, and you shop online regularly at Well what you do in this case is simply log on to Skymiles Shopping first, Select, and proceed with shopping. Buying those same pair of shoes, on the same Nordstrom website can yield anywhere from 2-5 Miles ( Points ) for every dollar Vs. shopping regularly which will only yield 1 Mile ( Point ) for every 1$ spent. 
  • One example of shopping that i have done is signing up for the Wallstreet Journal. Had i signed up directly on i would only have been awarded 30 miles ( Points ). However, because i logged onto Skymiles Shopping First, and then proceeded to the WSJ website, i was able to yield  15 Miles ( Points ) for every 1$ i spent, which gave me 450Miles. To put that into perspective, to obtain 450Miles ( Points ) regularly, i would have to spend 450$... In this case i only spent 30$
  • Another great Perk is Skymiles Dining, this works almost exactly like Skymiles Shopping except that instead of shopping online, you're dining out at your favorite restaurants in your neighborhood and you're earning big Miles ( Points ) for it! 
  • The other thing to do and to keep in mind is, if you're going to try and rack up a lot of miles, use the credit card as if it were your debit card. Try to stay within your spending limit for what you have in your checking or savings account. After you make any purchases, send the money to the credit card immediately to avoid racking up huge amounts of debt. One is example is, i made a 1200$ purchase so that i can get a bonus of 30,000 miles ( Points ) within the first 3 months of signing up for the American Express card. However the day after i made this purchase, i immediately send that 1200$ payment to the card to bring the balance down to 0$. This will help keep my credit score high and avoid me going into crazy debt. I made sure i had the money to spend before i used the card. 


The perks of having Skymiles are: 

  • On Average Roundtrip Award flights start at 25,000 Miles
  • Priority Boarding & Priority Security. This means you get to skip a huge chunk of the line at TSA checkpoints and while boarding the plane 
  • One Free Checked bag. Although most airlines do offer this, you'll be surprised by how many don't offer it as well. 
  • Use your Skymiles to Buy merchandise or Cruise trips 
  • Earn Skymiles from everyday spending 
  • You can Buy, Gift or transfer Skymiles to your friends and family. 


  • 2012 Booked a trip to Los Angeles, California. 64.00$ Roundtrip - Original Cost During That Time: 660.00$
  • 2013 Booked a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. 37.00$ Roundtrip - Original Cost During That Time: 280.00$
  • 2013 Booked a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. 74.00$ Roundtrip - Original Cost During That Time: 590.00$
  • 2015 Booked a trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada. 5.60$ One Way - Original Cost During That Time: 224.00$