LosFizz In Aruba ( Day 3-10 )

Welcome back to Los Fizz, and in todays post i wanted to finish up the rest of the details about my trip to Aruba, however i may have been giving a bit too much detail in my earlier posts haha, so ill keep this one very short and brief and ill definitely add more photos to this post. 

  • From days 3- 10 it was very laid back, i spent most of my time relaxing back at the hotel while my family was out on the beach getting a tan and running after my nephews who were acting crazy the entire trip. 
  • We went to the high rise area to eat at one of the famous restaurants known as "Smokey Joes"... really cool place to go and eat and the piña coladas are very good, however its nothing crazy and i wasn't so surprised with the food they serve. 
  • I must have Lost about 300$ through out the entire trip at the casinos but it was definitely fun because i spent most of my time gambling at the roulette tables 
  • Quadikiri Caves in the southern part of the country are a definite site to see. At first i thought it was going to be completely dark and it would be a guided tour, however its not that at all. There is plenty of natural light but there are no tour guides
  • Again getting around the island is fairly easy, i was able to go everywhere with no map and i pretty much had all the major attractions memorized within the second day 
  • De Palm Island is a small island off the coast of aruba and it is an all inclusive one day getaway which was very cool and relaxing. I definitely took advantage of the alcoholic beverages, food and spent some time in the water conversing with people from different parts of the world 
  • Unfortunately i did not get to experience any Night clubs but we did make some time for the Kukoo Kunuku party bus which is a must if you're visiting Aruba! the dinner was good, the people were great and the bus rides were insane. The drinks were not the best because they were watered down a lot but for the price we paid per drinks you couldn't really expect much. 
  • Thats pretty it, overall Aruba is a definite cool place to visit. Will i go back? i would only go back if i went with a bunch of guy friends my age or if i were in a relationship. its nice to be there alone or with family but its def. not the same. At the end of the day it is what you make it.