LosFizz In Aruba ( Day 2 )

5 / 14 / 2015

  welcome back to Losfizz.com if you have not read Day 1 of this trip you can click here. Day 2 in Aruba. My morning started pretty well, i had a goodnights sleep, probably about 13 hours 😅. I was dropped off at the airport by my lovely host who has been very helpful. My host, if i had not mentioned yet is a lady named Selva, i booked a 2 night stay at her home on AirBnB.com which is truly amazing and i will be doing a review on her place and AirBnB as well so check back later in the week. 

- So, i ran into a bit of a dilemma at the airport, i was dropped off there so i can rent a car. The problem was that i do not have a credit card with me.. i came with about 900$ Cash and about an extra 700$ on my debit card. I had cut up my credit cards months ago in efforts to eliminate most of my debt because i am in the process of moving to Vancouver, BC for school. 

- So i checked with about 3 major car rental offices on site, and none of them agreed to rent me a car because i did not have my credit card. One lady was kind enough to tell me to look for the guys under the "tree" and they may be able to help me. As soon as i walked over i was greeted by a young guy who started asking questions and i immediately told him i do not have a credit card. He said not to worry and he would do his best to get things settled for me. So he showed me a Toyota Yaris, small car, not bad. 

- He kept trying to get me to take the car for one week, at a rate of 30$ a day for a total of 210$ with everything. I told him that i could not do that because i only had 200$ cash on me, because i did not want to walk around with all my money. Long story short, he agreed to take my debit card info as collateral just in case anything goes wrong, he waived the deposit of 150$ and i agreed to pay 120$ cash for 3 days. Not bad.. considering I've paid over 300$ for 3 day rental in Beverly hills / Los Angeles before and 120$ for a 2 day rental in Las vegas. 

- The funny thing about driving in Aruba is that, they give you a road map, and you need to follow the signs. I did not have GPS on me, nor did my phone give me enough signal to use Apple Maps. Much to my surprise i was able to navigate pretty well. I went into downtown Oranjestad and parked in the renaissance resort. I later hung out by the beach / pool area for the guests and got some good shots before i was asked to leave because i was not a guest.. i then made my way south on the 1A towards palm beach. But i ended up all the way at Baby beach which is on the southern tip in Sint Nicolaas. 

- I apparently took the wrong way and did not turn where i needed to. I stopped at Rum Reef to get some lunch. The service was ok, it did take about 35 Min for me to get a damn burger... the burger was good nothing special about it. But i did have a really good strawberry margarita and a 16oz Balashi Draft. all in total i paid about 28.75$ american and left a 10$ tip... although i did not feel they deserved that tip because of the long wait, the waitress and bartender were very very nice to me. 

- Baby beach is very nice, there was not a lot of people on the beach which i enjoyed a lot, even though it was a dutch holiday. I hung out there for a bit and got some good shots before i made my way back into Downton Sint Nicolaas, over to charlie bar. I found this bar simply by driving all over the place and following sings. I heard this was a very interesting place to visit and somewhat famous. Upon my arrival, it was kind of scary because it looked like a very shady part of town, but i parked right in back of the bar and made my way in. Charlies bar is very interesting and has a lot of memorabilia and souvenirs hanging from the ceiling and the walls. It was not so busy when i walked in, not until about 1 hour after. The bar itself is not the best to go to, not 100% clean and the beer i was given smelled old... but it was a cool experience because there was caribbean night, which takes place every Thursday. 

- I hung around for the festival for a bit and grabbed some authentic Jamaican coconut bread, coconut cookie, and a Dominican sandwich. There was not a lot of people in the area as i expected, and some locals told me that Caribbean night has been in decline in terms of attendance over the years. But it was still a fun thing to attend, unfortunately i did not take my camera out for some good shots because like i said it was in a shady area of town where i saw a lot of hoodlums in the alleys near where i parked and far down in the corner i can see that this was the red light district and there were many women in mini dresses standing in the corner. This was my cue to leave as it was getting late and i did not really know where i was. 

- Heading back went really well until i had to try and find the apartment. because it was dark i could not find where i had to go. I was lost for almost 2 hours and luckily for me, my host was able to come and find me after i stayed at the airport parking lot for a bit. i must have cruised the entire island 😅 ahahaha... 

Cant add too many photos now because internet is super slow here but i will be updating as i find faster internet.