LosFizz In Aruba (Day 1)

5 / 13 / 2015

Hello and welcome back to Losfizz.com. I am currently blogging from forty one thousand feet (41,000) in the air, over the Caribbean Sea, somewhere in between Cuba and Nassau. Today I am traveling to Aruba where I will have a 10 day stay. I’ll be logging my trip from start to finish so I'll be adding things to this post as a go along, and should be doing a post a day. 

My first stop is Bogota, Colombia where I'll have a 2 hour layover. Did I have to stop in Colombia? No, because Aruba is actually before Bogota, but I wanted to take the layover simply because I wanted to have bragging rights that I have touched down in South America, and Colombia. 

So let me summarize my morning for you. For starters I didn't sleep for 24 hours. I got home from work at about 11pm last night ( 5/ 12 / 2015 ) and didn't start packing until 2am. I was supposed to be at the airport by at least 5am, and of course I'm a punctual person ( sort of ) and got there at 4:55am. The security line was the longest I have ever seen it at a New York airport and just as long as the lines you find at Hartsfield Jackson airport in Atlanta. 

However much to my surprise, from the time I got dropped off to the time I made it to my terminal, it was only about 40 min. Not bad. TSA, gave me no issues with my carry ons that were jammed with a bunch of shit, and finding a spot to stow my bags were no problem either. 

As of right now in this part of the post we are just about 30 miles outside of Cuba, I'll update more as I go along.

Ok, so i have now landed in Bogota, Colombia!! 

Looks so beautiful from the sky. However what sucks is that i had to keep bugging the guy next to me to move so i can take video and photos, because i didn't get a window seat :( 

I am actually disappointed with this airport because it is so nice!! they have a bunch of duty free stores that include anything from Ferragamo to Burberry to Tag Heuer.... Very nice cafes and places to shop for gifts. I was actually expecting to arrive at a semi run down airport with dirt roads that serves authentic Colombian foods and is rich in Colombian culture hahaha... i guess i was wrong. 

I did pick up some Colombian candy and other souvenirs for some people :)  

I am now boarding the plane and will be making my way to Aruba!

I have now landed in Aruba! it was about a 1H30m flight from Bogota, and have now passed immigration with no problems at all, even with the 2  ounces of cocaine i picked up at the Colombian airport... thats a joke... Any who, i am now waiting for my host to pick me up, she is the person i am staying with, whom i booked a 2 night stay with on AirBnB.. i will be posting a review on that as well and my experience with Avian airlines.. so if you're interested in those, stay tuned. 

Ok so the apartment i am staying at is really freaking nice! it looks better than a hotel room no joke! my host is super nice, she has a small chihuahua, and she just offered to drop me off in downtown where most of the action is so that i can get some drinks and food. 

I am in downtown Oranjestad, its a really nice area to walk around, a lot of places to eat and drink. However it is a bit pricey, but then again you need to ask if it is in Florentine or dollars. I had a slice of pizza because i wasn't too hungry to eat at the other places that had huge plates of BBQ and what not. The pizza and a beer cost me 17$... Florentine... in dollars in was only about 9$ which is cheap. 

So i have walked all around here and now i am in the casino, i have played 10$.. i won 60$.. i lost it... and now i lost an extra 20$ hahaha... I'm flagging down a taxi to take me back to my apartment. All together it was a 20$ cab fare, not that bad. 

So thats pretty much it, thats my first day...

13 hours, 3 countries, 2 continents, 3 airports, the trip getting here was quite an experience...

After having passed cuba we pass over Jamaica

After having passed cuba we pass over Jamaica

Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia

"Hay Marica"

"Hay Marica"

View from the Apartment I am staying at... 

View from the Apartment I am staying at... 

Check back for videos later in the week