Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets

Oh, what? Did you think Tuesday was still the best day to buy airline tickets?  


GUESS AGAIN! According to a Mid-2014 report from WSJ, Sunday is the new best day to buy airline tickets. Followed by Saturday and, well if you said Tuesday, I guess you're not completely off, because Tuesday is still the best "business day" of the week to buy airline tickets. 


  •  If you buy too early, typically before a 3.5 month period, you will end up paying more. That's because airlines release their best rates 3.5 months before departure
  • if you buy too late like the day before, the day of, you'll end up paying up to 3X more for a airline ticket
  • Best time to buy is SUNDAY  
  •  usually 14 days before will yield best prices on your search 
  • be sure to shop around, I use trip advisor, Expedia, kayak and then I search the Airlines direct website as well. For example Delta or JetBlue.  
  • Best days for travel are TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS
  • Sign up for a miles or rewards program!