Travel Fizz - Visit Las Vegas

City: Las Vegas 

Nickname: "Sin City"  

State/Province: Nevada 

Country: United States Of America 

Population: 604,000 ( Metropolitan Over 2 Million )

Crime Rate: 4 ( scale of 1 -10 ) 

Median Age: 35.9Yrs Old

Official Language: English 

Brief History:

  • Paleo - Indians Arrived to Las Vegas valley over 10,000 years ago
  • John C Fremont Arrives to Las Vegas Valley in 1844
  • 1900 Las Vegas Population Grows to 22 people 
  • 15th of May 1905 Las Vegas is founded as a city 
  • Clark County created in 1909
  • 1920 Las Vegas population grows to 2,304
  • First Gaming license is issued in 1930 
  • 1948 McCarran Airport opens 
  • "Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas"  Created in 1959
  • 1995 Fremont Street Experience opens
  • 2005 Wynn Hotel Opens
  • 2007 Planet Hollywood opens

Known For: Entertainment, Food, Nightlife, Tourism,Shopping, Gambling, celebrity performances.

Best Time For Travel: March - May & September - November ( Best Weather ) all other months are either a bit chilly or very hot, but in terms of getting good travel deals, you'll typically be able to find good deals all year round, of course some months are better than others. 


  • Nevada - McCarran International Airport ( LAS )

Average Airline Cost: 274.28$ ( 2014, According to the U.S Department Of Transportation. ) 

Average Hotel Cost: 117.63$ -126.80$ ( Average Vs. Strip ADR. ) ( Off Strip ADR 66.44$ ) (ADR = Average Daily Rate )

Visitors: Nearly 40mm ( Million ) Per Year 

Public Transportation:

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What To Do:

  • Shop 
  • Nightlife
  • Restaurants
  • Sightseeing 
  • Museums
  • Shows
  • Major Events
  • Amusement Parks 
  • Gambling
  • Conventions
  • Concerts  

Number Of Restaurants: Over 2,300

Best Restaurants: This is constantly Changing but amongst my research these 3 have been consistently in the top lists on many sources. 

Number Of Bars/Clubs: Approx. Over 1,500  

Best Bars/Clubs: ( Clubs Based On Revenue )

Major Events: 

Major Sports: No Major Sports Teams, although there have been talks of many sports teams moving into the Las Vegas area due to the amount of tourists each year, but nothing has been finalized as of today. 

Neighboring Cities: There are really no major cities near by, but heres the two closest that are large US cities 

  • Los Angeles ( 266 miles )
  • Phoenix ( 292 miles ) 

Personal Fizz:

Las Vegas Nevada, its a city that has to be on your "to do list" whether you're 21 or 70 years old, Las Vegas has something to accommodate almost anyone and everyone. Its not just a party and gambling city. I had my first visit to "Sin City" in September of 2013, it was a lot of fun but it was not 100% what i expected, you can read about the details of my trip in my other Post. However with my first experience in 2013 and my second trip in 2014 which was a Business trip, i was able to compile a list of  things: 

  • If you're a guy, be sure to bring money, and plenty of it. Now I'm a pretty savvy person and i could have fun almost anywhere with almost no $$ because i like to do things that do no require a ton of money, like relaxing by the pool while reading a book or walking around cities taking photos. BUT, in a case like this one, i was here for one reason ( in 2013 ) and that was to party. The reason why i said if you're a "GUY BRING PLENTY OF CASH"  is because typically guys end up spending more $$ than women in las vegas, For example a Club Cover Charge for men would be about 100$ and for women about 40-60$ ( Depending on the club and who's performing ) and men usually are the ones buying drinks. 
  • Another reason which applies to both men and women in the case for money is, things to do are usually expensive, sure you can find inexpensive things to do but the average Tourist will spend between 1100-1600$ for a 3-5 day stay at Las Vegas and that does not include Travel and accommodations. 
  • Avoid the people on the street handing out flyers and tickets for clubs - They usually trick you into taking a couple of tickets that will get you into the "VIP" or instant access to some of the hottest clubs, and they accept "donations" while implying how much you should give them. These tickets are usually bogus and when you get to the clubs and present your tickets, you end up waiting in line either way.

  • Now when it comes to clubs, you Should Definitely look into a CLUB CRAWL i highly recommend it, they typically range from 90-200$ depending on the clubs your tour guide will take you too and they have deals on drinks, The reason why i recommend this is because i never had to wait in line for more than 15min while on the club crawl. The only bad side to this is you're very limited to your time at each club ( You'll visit about 3-6 different ones ) so if you meet someone you like be sure to dance with them or get their number because before you know it you're on to the next. 
  • Drink Responsibly and go out with responsible People, Las Vegas has tons of places where you can get booze even outside of the clubs and bars and casinos, limit yourself and try not to get wasted, you'll have more fun that way, especially when you're not waking up hungover the next morning. 
  • Visit a Buffet, a good one like the Bellagio Buffet
  • If you're there to gamble, be my guest. If you're not there for gambling, good. Keep it that way, or at least set a limit for yourself. I love playing table games, more than slots, but i kept myself at a 100$ limit so i can have more money to do other fun activities. 
  • Gamble on the outskirts of the Las Vegas Strip, they usually have a higher payout
  • Visit at least one fancy restaurant with a great view

  • Visit a beach club 
  • DRIVE somewhere, i drove to Los Angeles it was a good experience to be able to go back to L.A. Theres also the Grand Canyon. 
  • Oh, and for the women, good luck, you'll spend a lot of time fighting off creepy guys, but if you get lucky you'll run into handsome men like myself every once in a while 😛
  • Guys, the city is filled with tons of gorgeous women, tons. Have a good wingman