Ok, it's time for the good stuff. In this post I will be talking about some of the methods I used to take a round trip from New York to Las Vegas, stay in my very own suite, that had a flat screen tv, kitchen, bathroom (duh) and dining area. A 5 night stay, all this for 115$. I will also give details about my trip, how much I spent throughout my entire stay, things I did and what I liked and hated the most about this trip. 

But before I begin I need to give a huge thank you to my sister in law and my brother, because without them, none of this would have been possible 😬. So for starters how did I get a Round trip flight from New York to Las Vegas? And how much did it cost?  

I'll let you guess. 

Did you guess yet? Was it 100$? 115$ 90$? No, you're wrong, and you suck at guessing. Another thing I want to clarify is, I did not book anything through a travel agency or website. My round trip ticket, from New York to Las Vegas, with 1 stop, was 75$. Yes 75$! But how? My friends, if you watch TV, I'm sure you've seen the commercials about this perk through many banks already. It is called S K Y M I L E S. Through my American Express Delta Skymiles card, that I had started racking points with since 2010, and accumulated nearly 180,000 miles by making regular everyday purchases, I was able to take trips like these  "on the cheap".  

I had booked Round trip flights from NY-ATL for 38$! Round trip flights from NY- LA for 64$! But that's for other stories. 

Next on the list is going to blow your mind, but before I tell you about it, I want everyone who is reading this not to use this method simply just because, but if you're going to use this method make sure it's always with good intentions and never take advantage of someone. What I'm talking about is Networking. Luckily for me I was invited, so it took the Networking work out for me, but the same concept still applies. And again huge thank you to my sister in law and her family for giving me this opportunity. Time share... Yes! I was invited to stay at the Tahiti Villege right off the Las Vegas Strip! My cost? 40$! For 5 nights! 

So how does Networking come into play and how can I use this to my advantage? Like I said never take advantage of people for what they have. If someone has a time share, and you're close to that person or they are related to you, sit and have a chat with them, because 6/10 people who have time shares, hardly use them. To them that is money wasted, so if you can pay them to use that time share, that's good news for them and 9/10 a time share will cost half as much as a hotel would and you'll have all the same amenities, maybe more.  

Ok so Bam! 115$ later I'm in Vegas, and I have my own place for 5 nights, I'm in good company, my bro and his GF are right next door, what's first on the list?  

We start drinking! Beers, the usual, with tequila on hand just in case. It's still relatively early, we head out to the pool and hot tub. The first night there we decided to take it easy and just stay in and continue our drinking since we had a bit of jet lag. For my entire trip I had roughly 700$ on hand and my credit cards just in case we end up losing all our money at the casino or got robbed. That's plenty if you're savvy. 

Most of our trip consisted of going to the lazy river at our resort in the mornings, and eating junk food for breakfast. I was able to squeeze in some time to go to the shooting range. In case you're wondering how that went, and how much it cost, IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME, I got to shoot the AK-47, USP-9mm, UZI, and 12 gauge Shotgun. The cost? 150.00$... Was it worth it? Hell yeah! Not my first time holding a gun, but definitely my first time shooting, I promise you, you can trust me with your life, I am a good shot. 

We tried out the Grand Lux Cafe over at Cesar's Palace, which was awesome, but a lot like The Cheesecake Factory, which kind of makes sense because it's owned by the same people.  

So, if you're reading this far, kudos to you, I know I'm kind of jumping around here, very brief, but anyways, I shall proceed. On our second night in Las Vegas, we decided to try a club crawl, best idea ever, however I highly recommend looking into the different club crawls that are offered and make sure, XS, Hakkasan, Marquee, or 1oak are on the list, because these are some of the best clubs in Vegas. Although the one we went on, had a party bus and "free" beer every time we got on, we went to pretty cool clubs. Body English, Chateu, Pure, and I can't remember the last two clubs because I was drunk at this point, but they were good because I made sure to have fun, meet new people and dance regardless of how stupid I looked. The cost? About 100$, and I became good friends with the hostess which made the experience better because she made sure we got the best treatment while on the whole thing. 

The third night I believe  we had gone to see Avicii at XS, cover cost? 130$!! But well worth it. I had to stop my brother from fighting because we kept getting pushed and shoved by the amounts of people in there, the club holds about 4-6,000. If I'm correct. Crazy. Avicii was awesome, the club was crazy packed, tons of beautiful women, and a British guy was talking to me about business and shit which was pretty awkward.

Our fourth day there we... Excuse me...I! Drove us to California. Los Angeles. My second time in L.A it felt good to go back and see everything again and reminiscent good times. Cost? About 80$ to rent the car for two days, which served us well because we were able to drive to Northern Las Vegas where Fremont St. Is, that's Old Las Vegas, it's pretty cool there. 

Over all I think I spent about 600$ cash, and put a couple of things on my card, nothing crazy, I really had a great time, I got to visit about 7 different clubs, get drunk ( do not let this question my professional life) shoot some guns, see the city, drive through the desert, and spend some quality time with my bro and sister in law.  

so as far as what I really enjoyed, is pretty much the whole party life, it's crazy in Vegas, I highly recommend anyone to go, gambling not so much, I mean if you're into that stuff than go ahead. Be sure to visit some of the best clubs that have some of the top performaning DJs, it's a blast and a great experience. 

For what I hated? No offense to my bro and my sister in law, but I wish I had more of my guy friends and family to accompany me because I felt like the third wheel. 😐. So if you're ever going make sure you have that balance. Another thing is I expected a somewhat crazier experience and even though I visited a bunch I clubs and what not, it was crazy, but the movies kind of make it seem like something it is not. But I guess that's for rich folk who can afford a crazy suite and spend thousands on gambling and VIP service. 


Either way, I got to Vegas for 115$ and I had a blast and if you play your cards right and you're a savvy person, you can do the same! 


Let me know your thoughts on this topic!