Eduardo Donoso - Day Break Media

This week i wanted to feature an amazing Photographer / Videographer from New York. His name is Eduardo Donoso with Day Break Media. I cam across Eduardo's profile on Instagram @daybreak_media about 2 years ago i believe, and I've always liked his work. Eduardo has a very raw and creative style with his photography and videos and when i see some of his work i can almost imagine myself caught in the moment. Knowing when to capture the right moment is an art all on itself and Eduardo consistently proves that in his work. 

His videos are professional grade, from the quality to the music, transitions and audio. While i really enjoyed all of his work, my favorite video is "Miranda Maxwell EPK" and thats because this video incorporates many of the things that i have a passion for.. Music, style, art, its based in New York, and the video helps portray her story in a unique way. 

When it comes to Photography and Videography theres not much i can actually write about, because when great works like these are produced, the works do all the talking. Check below for some of his best work. 


At the epicenter of an explosion of music, style, and fashion, there stands Miranda Maxwell. The bicoastal DJ has sent a shockwave through the club scene and soon she opens a gallery with her art. Director/Editor: Eduardo Donoso Camera Ops: Eduardo Donoso, Chris Gurinsky Assistant Editor: Chris Gurinsky Additional Support: Mike Calandra, Dj Jimmy Guap Oh, Andrea Wonzny Music: Thundercat - The Life Aquatic (Scratches by Miranda Maxwell) Banks - Goddess Miranda Maxwell - Marvin Beat Madlib - Friends (Foes) Madlib - More Rice

Director/Editor: Eduardo Donoso Camera Ops: Chris Gurinsky, Eduardo Donoso

Get to know Aurielle Sayeh, the Founder/Editor of She is the Light, DJ, Model & Creative Mind. Director/Editor: Eduardo Donoso Camera Ops: Eduardo Donoso, Khidhar Rich, Chris Gurinsky, Francisco Bolanos Music: Taleil Brown - Top of... ( The Stuyvesants - Crown Royal (In a Purple Velvet Bag) ( The Stuyvesants - W.O.M.A.N. ( Bahamadia - True Honey Buns Taleil Brown - Musiq (