Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Welcome back to and as always with my photography I try to give you high quality images with my own unique style and flavor. This week I compiled a few photos the I have take during my first month and a half here in Vancouver, BC. Although most of these shots are regular photos you may usually see online because they were taken in high tourist traffic areas like false creek, english bay and Stanley park, this is just an introductory. I plan to take some more photos that can give you a different perspective of the City and hopefully shed some light on the culture here. 

Vancouver is a beautiful city that has a lot of scenery, with beautiful mountain backdrop views in almost any direction, great weather, friendly locals, and a pretty sweet cycling infrastructure. Vancouver has many things that made me fall in love with it almost instantly and I hope these photos can express some of that for you all. As always I shoot with my weapon of choice the Pentax K3 with either a 50mm 1.8 or 18-135mm K lens. The photos are then touched up on Adobe Photoshop CS6. 

Shooting Locations:

  • Granville island public market
  • False creek 
  • Stanley park 
  • Stanley park sea wall
  • North Vancouver / Lonsdale quay 
  • English bay