"Buy Me Pizza So I Know Its "Real" " - Interesting Facts about #pizza



  • The word pizza was first documented in 997 AD
  • In the 16th Century Europeans were introduced to tomatos from the americas, however they believed the tomato to be Poisonous 
  • Pizza arrived to the United states in the 19th Century perhaps around 1903 by  Giovanni and Gennero Bruno
  • Pepperoni was introduced between the 1930-50s
  • roughly 252 million pounds of pepperoni are consumed each year in the U.S
  • There are roughly 70,000 Pizzeria shops in the U.S
  • The Average american eats about 46 slices of pizza each year
  • After hamburgers, pizza is the second most popular food item in America 
  • Superbowl week has the highest number of consumption for Pizza in the United States
  • the most delivery of Pizza in the world is made by dominos 
  • Roughly 5 Billion Pizzas are sold each year... Roughly 3 Billion are sold in the United states 
  • The Pizza industry is roughly a 32 Billion$ industry