The Best Damn Hot Dogs In New York City.

During my second semester in college i was reading a lot of newspapers, primarily New York times and the wall street journal. One night i came across an article about a new restaurant opening in Lower East side of Manhattan. Los Perros Locos. After reading i immediately wanted to check this joint out. It was a Colombian Hot Dog Joint, and most people would argue with me that it was just like " La Perrada De Chalo " in Jackson Heights, NY or like Papaya King. They were wrong, very wrong. This place immediately became my favorite place to eat in New York City, more than Juniors Cheesecake. 

The environment inside LPL ( Los Perros Locos ) was very vibrant, and urban. Spanish Music playing, Hip Hop, Reggae, Old School R&B etc... Cool paintings and graffiti on the wall and a very interesting menu. My favorite item on the menu was the "ÑYC Burger" it had:


I would take mine Medium well with a side of Salchi-Papas which are bits of hot dog on waffle fries and LPL special sauce. Wash it down with a nice Postobon Apple Soda-pop, all for about 15-16$ a premium price to pay for LES, but well worth it. I mean i would drive 35-45min just to eat at this place. Sad to hear it closed down in August of 2014 😔.