Learn For Free, Learn For Cheap...

Ah, good old College. Who wouldn't want to spend 7-34,000$ a year at a college or university to earn a degree that they probably won't even use? It's a tough decision and a costly one, most people make it through and others don't. College is not for everyone but that doesn't mean you have to stop learning. 

You should always take time to educate yourself and you're sitting on something very valuable and you probably don't even know it yet. THE INTERNET. we are living in the Information Age and access to any information is easier than ever, it's in the palm of our hands! Yes, Your smartphone!  

  • You can easily access Information through 
  • Mobile Apps
  • Search Engines ( Bing, Yahoo, Google )  
  • Dedicated Websites  
  • Podcasts  

And many more! In most cases access to information is free, probably 90% or more of the information on the web is free, along with courses offered by independent instructors and institutions. I myself am enrolled in college, but I still seek other forms of educating myself through courses I find online. Two of my favorite websites / Mobile apps are Coursera and Udemy. 

Ive used Coursera for accounting, French and Economics. Udemy is more of a Technology based platform that has a lot of Courses ranging from "Learn IOS" to "Learn how to code".  

Its definitely something worth looking into if you're seeking to strengthen it hone your skills or take up something new that you can eventually turn into a career.