Formula 1

Ok this one here is a bit old, its from 2013, but because this is my new blog i figured i blog about it. Like i mentioned before I've been to Montreal many many times before, and I've done ALOT there. One of the reasons why i love Montreal soo much is because of the amount of things i have been able to do there, everything from unique foods, to rare JDM cars, i mean Skylines are parked on the street like civics... seriously. Then theres bars, clubs, major events, just so much. Ive had the privilege to Attend Formula 1 events about 3 times already, however the first 2 times i only went around the downtown area and walked around all the madness, that is exotic cars, and beautiful women surrounded by Car crazed french and Italian men. 

The third visit for Formula 1 week, i was by myself in Montreal like most times, However this time i decided to go to ile Du Notre Dame, where the races are held and see the action first hand. Now much to my surprise i wasn't aware that this day it was only the qualifying rounds, but it was still quite a good experience, and i highly recommend any and all car enthusiast to visit an event like this one. Its very very loud, i could hear the cars from the other island, which is Montreal, by the old port. 

I walked around the entire Race track, well almost, i was restricted to enter some areas because i only had the basic admission. Beer was available, tons of beautiful women and if you forgot your ear plugs, don't worry, you can buy them there. If you're like me though, you probably forgot your ear plugs and decided not to buy them at the race because they cost 20 freaking dollars! just because they say " Ferrari". NO. I refuse. I dealt with the beautiful piercing sound of 980 Horses ripping through the Canadian air over 200mph. The cars blow past you at the blink of an eye.