Best Clubs In America 2013/2014

Now the numbers are probably not out just yet for what would be best clubs in america 2015, but because clubs generally tend to keep some sort of consistency for a good amount of time, i decided to put together a list of the Top 10 Clubs for Revenue - Top 10 for Sound and my personal Top 10.

Top 10 ( Revenue ) 

it comes at no surprise that 7 ( 8 if you include the honorable mention ) of the top 10 clubs that made the list for Volume based on revenue are located in Las Vegas, thats because Las Vegas is quite possibly the entertainment capital of north america, possibly even the world. Although Macau brings in 5X the gambling revenue as Las Vegas, there is no comparison in the nightlife. 


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Top 10 ( Sound ) 

Everyone has a personal preference on what they believe is good or bad, i have not been to every club in the states or every club on this list but based on the information i have gathered it seems like these would be the top 10 ( as of 2012-2014)

I Gave Cielo & Beta Night Club 1st place because although Cielo is noted in many sources to have the best sound quality, Beta Club has been noted in many sources to be the overall best club in the states or top 3. 

Top 10 ( Personal ) 

In this list i will give you my personal top 10 of clubs i have visited across north america, mainly based on quality

Although I've never been to Space Ibiza in Spain, i put it on my list because it is one of the clubs that i wish to visit before i get too old for this shit or before it closes down, but not to say that it will anytime soon because its been in operation since the 80s. 

All the others on my personal list i have visited. I have visited many other clubs but these are thus far my favorite and i highly recommend visiting them if you're in any of the cities in which they are located. Most of the Clubs on the List host all type of music genres from House music, Techno, Deep House, Tech - House, "EDM" , Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock, Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, and Jazz. It all depends on the venue for the night you're attending.