New City Gas Montreal, QC - Sander Van Doorn

it was a spring morning, in Laval, an island next to Montreal. The morning started with a delicious breakfast and followed by.... BEER 😳... drinking started at 12ish, noon, and continued well into the evening. My family and friends are not huge on beer pong up in Canada, so when ever i come over they like to play, however they play a little bit different. They like to fill up the cups with beer, and the cup in the center gets filled with a shot of RUM..... this is when you know its going to be a crazy night, and a crazy night it was. 

By 9pm i was already feeling the marvelous affects of mixing alcohol ( sarcasm ) and i was seeking other things to do, i wanted to go to the city and take things to another level. I kept asking my friends, what club they recommend, and they all agreed that in all my years of visiting Montreal, it was time for me to visit "New City Gas".... Now I'm not sure when the venue opened, but why didn't i hear of it anytime sooner? Ive visited many clubs in Montreal, but i never came across this one. 

If you're like me and you come from a New York party life, you'll know that you're hard to please, and almost nothing phases you. Personally, I'm not out every weekend partying, i mean that last time i visited a club was 7 months ago... so when i do visit clubs i like to make sure they're good ones. 

Montreal, in and of itself, is an amazing city, theres so much to do, but i won't get into that just yet... be sure to visit my travel page for details about this... anyways, like i was saying Montreal, is a great city to party in, I've been partying in Montreal since i was 18 because of the drinking age... yes its 18 ( drink responsibly ), I've always had fun here but never had a crazy wild experience at a club like I've had in New York, so when i visited New City Gas, i was blown away at the amounts of people, the design of the club and the location. Its truly one of the best clubs i have ever visited, however in terms of sounds quality, they could do better...

Heres a video i created of my experience.