DrumCode Island 2014 - New York City

It was a windy morning, and i was still adjusting to the time because i had just returned from Las Vegas the night before. However it was September, school had just started a week before and i needed to end my summer the right way. The place we were heading to was Governors Island, off the island of Manhattan. A Beach Club that hosts a wide variety of events all year long and has a dance floor area that can hold up to 4,000 people. 

Harvey McKay, Bart Skils were on the opening and The king of Techno came in third, in the line up to really get things going, while Sam Paganini played the closing set. However we decided to leave early because 4,000+ people waiting in line to catch the ferry back to manhattan would have taken us about 2 hours to achieve. Either way it was an epic event, it was raining non stop, the dance floor was wet and crowded, my feet were soaked, but the music didn't stop. 

Here is some video i took of the event, i hope you enjoy it.