LosFizz On DrumCode Live - DCR235

Just a quick sound clip of DCR235 - Adam Beyer himself reads out one of my tweets! i was real excited when my little brother noticed it and texted me about it. I guess i didn't realize it when i was hearing the track myself because overtime i would hear the comments he would read out, i would expect to hear my name and hometown. 

But the good news is my comment was read :P 

New City Gas Montreal, QC - Sander Van Doorn

it was a spring morning, in Laval, an island next to Montreal. The morning started with a delicious breakfast and followed by.... BEER 😳... drinking started at 12ish, noon, and continued well into the evening. My family and friends are not huge on beer pong up in Canada, so when ever i come over they like to play, however they play a little bit different. They like to fill up the cups with beer, and the cup in the center gets filled with a shot of RUM..... this is when you know its going to be a crazy night, and a crazy night it was. 

By 9pm i was already feeling the marvelous affects of mixing alcohol ( sarcasm ) and i was seeking other things to do, i wanted to go to the city and take things to another level. I kept asking my friends, what club they recommend, and they all agreed that in all my years of visiting Montreal, it was time for me to visit "New City Gas".... Now I'm not sure when the venue opened, but why didn't i hear of it anytime sooner? Ive visited many clubs in Montreal, but i never came across this one. 

If you're like me and you come from a New York party life, you'll know that you're hard to please, and almost nothing phases you. Personally, I'm not out every weekend partying, i mean that last time i visited a club was 7 months ago... so when i do visit clubs i like to make sure they're good ones. 

Montreal, in and of itself, is an amazing city, theres so much to do, but i won't get into that just yet... be sure to visit my travel page for details about this... anyways, like i was saying Montreal, is a great city to party in, I've been partying in Montreal since i was 18 because of the drinking age... yes its 18 ( drink responsibly ), I've always had fun here but never had a crazy wild experience at a club like I've had in New York, so when i visited New City Gas, i was blown away at the amounts of people, the design of the club and the location. Its truly one of the best clubs i have ever visited, however in terms of sounds quality, they could do better...

Heres a video i created of my experience.

DrumCode Island 2014 - New York City

It was a windy morning, and i was still adjusting to the time because i had just returned from Las Vegas the night before. However it was September, school had just started a week before and i needed to end my summer the right way. The place we were heading to was Governors Island, off the island of Manhattan. A Beach Club that hosts a wide variety of events all year long and has a dance floor area that can hold up to 4,000 people. 

Harvey McKay, Bart Skils were on the opening and The king of Techno came in third, in the line up to really get things going, while Sam Paganini played the closing set. However we decided to leave early because 4,000+ people waiting in line to catch the ferry back to manhattan would have taken us about 2 hours to achieve. Either way it was an epic event, it was raining non stop, the dance floor was wet and crowded, my feet were soaked, but the music didn't stop. 

Here is some video i took of the event, i hope you enjoy it. 

Best Clubs In America 2013/2014

Now the numbers are probably not out just yet for what would be best clubs in america 2015, but because clubs generally tend to keep some sort of consistency for a good amount of time, i decided to put together a list of the Top 10 Clubs for Revenue - Top 10 for Sound and my personal Top 10.

Top 10 ( Revenue ) 

it comes at no surprise that 7 ( 8 if you include the honorable mention ) of the top 10 clubs that made the list for Volume based on revenue are located in Las Vegas, thats because Las Vegas is quite possibly the entertainment capital of north america, possibly even the world. Although Macau brings in 5X the gambling revenue as Las Vegas, there is no comparison in the nightlife. 


For a List of Club&Bar Top 100 Click Here: Top100

Top 10 ( Sound ) 

Everyone has a personal preference on what they believe is good or bad, i have not been to every club in the states or every club on this list but based on the information i have gathered it seems like these would be the top 10 ( as of 2012-2014)

I Gave Cielo & Beta Night Club 1st place because although Cielo is noted in many sources to have the best sound quality, Beta Club has been noted in many sources to be the overall best club in the states or top 3. 

Top 10 ( Personal ) 

In this list i will give you my personal top 10 of clubs i have visited across north america, mainly based on quality

Although I've never been to Space Ibiza in Spain, i put it on my list because it is one of the clubs that i wish to visit before i get too old for this shit or before it closes down, but not to say that it will anytime soon because its been in operation since the 80s. 

All the others on my personal list i have visited. I have visited many other clubs but these are thus far my favorite and i highly recommend visiting them if you're in any of the cities in which they are located. Most of the Clubs on the List host all type of music genres from House music, Techno, Deep House, Tech - House, "EDM" , Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock, Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, and Jazz. It all depends on the venue for the night you're attending. 

Igloofest 2015

Christmas is over, the new year is in, and its winter! although here in New York it may not necessarily feel like its winter, because it has not yet "snowed". However, its amongst us and the season has its benefits:

  • Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows
  • Showing off your new Boots or Jacket 
  • Snowball Fights
  • Building a Snowman
  • skiing or snowboarding

Just to name a few, ah and then there is IGLOOFEST


Igloofest is a Annual Outdoor Winter venue that is held in the Vieux-Port De Montreal  ( Montreal's Old Port ) in the Canadian Province of Quebec. It started in 2007 and has been growing dramatically over the past couple of years. 2014 Igloofest saw a record breaking attendance after adding an additional stage and night to the venue, with over 85,000 guests and featuring over 100 artist, some of which were LEBARONMateo MurphyIda Engberg, and Adam Beyer.

Now for those of you who don't know Canada too well, or have never been there during peak winter, its pretty freaking cold. Ive been up to Montreal about 25-30 times since i was about 5 years old. Igloofest 2014 was my first encounter with REAL Canadian Winter and i had no idea what i was getting myself into, But ill leave those details for my Travel Blog about this trip. 

Ill also give you some pointers on what you can wear to an event like this in the Fashion Blog. 

Igloofest 2014 was totally worth the 8 Hour drive from Brentwood,NY for me and not to mention the ticket prices! 18.00$ Canadian! which comes out to about 16$ american. Its truly a great experience, filled with a ton of great people, you feel like you're in another part of the world even though its so close to home ( if you're american or live in the states) because of the Language ( Official Language of Quebec is French ). The music was great and I'm glad i got to see my Favorite DJ/Producer Adam Beyer and his Wife ida Engberg from Drumcode Label play on the night of February 8th which was the closing night. 

I can go on and on about what took place but you can read about that in the Travel Blog, ill let the Video i took do the rest. 

You can find the 2015 Line up here: http://www.igloofest.ca/en/events