Why it sucks to be a New Yorker

As some of you may know, I am entering my 1st month here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I will be here for about 3 years, and although I haven't rushed to see and do everything there is do to here, I have done a bit and explored many parts of Metro Vancouver already. so what does this have to do with my tittle? 

Well as times goes on and little by little I interact with more people and make friends, everyone has something to recommend that I do during my time here. I take their suggestions into consideration and then I think to myself if it's something I actually like to do. The reality is that I'm open to doing just about anything. However I can't help but to stop and compare a lot of what Vancouver has to offer to that of what New York has to offer, or think "is this better than that". I mean it's only natural. Everyone does it.  

But that's my point. Because this doesn't only happen to me here in Vancouver, but it happens everywhere I go. Whether I'm in Las Vegas, Vancouver, Montreal, Atlanta, Aruba, Boston... Just to name a few. I always find myself comparing different things to that of New York. That's why it REALLY SUCKS TO BE A NEW YORKER!  

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fact that I'm a New Yorker, Born and raised. But it sort of takes the excitement out of a lot. You see it's really hard to phase me because I've done a lot and seen a lot in New York, so when I visit a new city I always have super high expectations. "Is the nightlife better here?" "Is the food better here?" "Is the architecture better here?" "Is the public transit better here?" Etc...  

This does not go to say that there isn't anything good in other cities or here in Vancouver, because there is plenty but it really makes it hard to get hyped about something. I understand that sometimes the best way to make the best of some place and something is to surround yourself with people who will ultimately make those experiences that much better. But there's still that idea that I have to stop and compare or have high expectations, that no matter who I'm with it's still like "ok, is that it?" "I thought the nightlife would be better here" that kind of stuff. 

And that is why... It really sucks to be a New Yorker.  

I'm doing my best to have a better outlook and not compare. I have spoken with many New Yorkers who can relate. 

can you?