Why everyone Should Have A Long Distance Relationship

Why everyone Should Have A Long Distance Relationship.

But Los, long distance never works, its stupid. yes its true they are kind of stupid, and more often in times they never work. However i am a strong believer in long distance relationships, i have been in a couple myself, in fact i have plenty of them going on right now. But before you get crazy and think negative, let me explain exactly what i mean and why i recommend you have one. 

Long distance relationships are great and very beneficial. Whether professional, mutual, family or romantic, you should be sure to have at least two of these in your life. Now the family one is obvious so i won't get into details about that.

But here are my personal opinions as to why you should have them: 


  • A mutual long distance is more of friends kind of thing, like say your best friend or a friend from your neighborhood ends up moving to another state or back to their country, its good to continue that relationship with said person. 
  • The Benefits? not only are you keeping a friendship alive, but you're keeping a window of opportunity open. perhaps you have never been to the state or city or country this person is living in, that allows you to go and explore, while having someone there with you that knows the area, or what to do. Think of it as a personal tour guide. But of course, you're friends and you're not just using people for this. 

  • If and when traveling, you'll have a place to stay


  • Professional long distance relationships, like mutual ones, can arise the same way. Perhaps your co worker was a temp worker from another country or state or city. Upon completion of their duties, they have to go back to wherever it is there from. Perhaps you met someone within your network at a show, or convention or meeting. 
  • Le Benefits? NETWORKING! networking is a crucial part to any business and employees. It paves the way for endless opportunities, and keeping a strong relationship, a professional one in this case, can mean good things for business. A perfect example is, the fact that i personally know friends and people I've met that have ties to certain aspects of my job field, that if and when i need something in another city or state i can reach out and know ill have help from these people, which will save time and $$.

  • Another great thing is, again, just like a mutual relationship, if you're going away on a personal or business trip, you'll have someone that can show you the ropes of said city, state or country which is always a plus. 



  • When it comes to long distance relationships, it becomes somewhat of a sensitive topic, and a lot of times people do not want to hear or listen to what others have to say. I know i get that a lot when people ask for advice or i try to give people advice, because i have personally been in two of them myself.
  • Cut to the chase, Romantic Long Distance relationships are cool. They are awesome. They are unique, because in a way you're getting to know the other person on a different level, an intellectual level, a personal level, spiritual or whatever, but you're learning about the person and getting got know them in such a way that doesn't involve PHYSICAL CONTACT, which i believe often in times leads to a much more legitimate relationship with that person. 
  • HOWEVER, SOME PEOPLE LIE ABOUT WHO THEY ARE AND WHEN YOU FINALLY MEET, IT TURNS OUT THEYRE A 45 YEAR OLD MAN WHO LIVES AT HOME WITH HIS MOM AND HAS 7 CATS AND ONE OF THEM IS NAMED KOBIASHI. THAT IS WHAT WE CALL IN THE INDUSTRY..."CAT FISH" - don't let that happen to you. HAHA. And then of course there are other who lie or slightly change certain details about who they are or where they live and what not, but thats for their or protection which is totally understandable. 

  • Anyways, like i was saying, they are cool and fun and you'll spend countless hours texting, and skyping ( only weirdos do it - 😛 - relax I'm joking ) and you'll spend countless hours talking on the phone and talking about your day. cool. 
  • BUT ITS NOT ALL GRAVY. I ALWAYS TELL PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THESE TYPES OF RELATIONSHIPS, TWO THINGS. 1. ARE YOU WILLING TO BE DISAPPOINTED? 2. ARE YOU READY TO MOVE TO BE CLOSER TO THAT PERSON?  Because thats really the only outcome, you'll either end up disappointed and heartbroken, or happy, but you would have picked up and left behind everything you know just to be with this person.  That is unless you didn't do anything and the other person made the move, then you should consider yourself lucky. 

  • But at the end of the day, regardless of everything, its a great experience. If you can find someone nice enough and not a psycho. Its a great LEARNING experience. You'll learn a lot about patience, relationships, you'll learn new things about yourself, a few things about life, how you should handle things and what not. I know i have. 

  • The Benefits? even though i already named a few and probably scared some of you with what I've said, HAHA, the other good stuff is, going to see that person in another place, taking trips together, creating new memories. When you haven't seen someone for so long because you're far way, and when you finally see them, its a really good feeling. Everyone should experience that at least once in their life. 

  • oh and BTW long distance is not like you're here and the person is a 40min drive away, thats whats called.... SHE/HE IS JUST A 40MIN DRIVE AWAY.... 😒

And when i said i was in a couple of LDR myself right now, i meant professional and mutual. I have friends scattered across the world. In fact i was invited to go to CHINA!! i hope i go! and i have professional LDR that i hold on to and maintain just in case some business opportunity pops up in the future. But as far as romantic LDR goes....nah, " Love don't live here no more" 😔😝