Famous Black Hoodie

Ah yes, the black hoodie, no outfit is complete without it. Its been popular for the past couple of years now and it seems like almost every guy in the states has one. I myself own one, in fact I've purchased a new one year after year for the past 3 years, I was once with a group a friends and did not realize until a few hours later that we all had the same style sweater. pretty awkward, we looked like a wanna be boy band. 

I've created a list of who you may see with said sweater:

  • Your brother 
  • Your Dad
  • Boyfriend 
  • Ex boyfriend 
  • Annoying kid in your economics class that thinks he knows everything because he thinks everything his father says is true
  • The Dj 
  • your crush or #MCM 
  • The guy who has a crush on you and has had a full blown conversation with you in your DM even though you've never responded once to him 
  • The guy who pops bottles and chases his "paper" on your IG 

Just to name a few, regardless its not a bad sweater and I think it goes pretty well with just about anything, its perfect when you can't decide what to wear. It can be both casual and dressy (If you know how to pull it off) I'm hoping Flint & Tinder brings one out like this with their signature 10 - year hoodie.