What to wear at Igloofest 2017 #Iglooswag

Igloofest 2015 is just 6 days away! ( Official First day January 16th, 2015 ). If you're keeping up with my blog or "CREEPING"  my blog, then you may have read my music post on #Igloofest 2014. It was my first year attending Igloofest and my first encounter with REAL Canadian winter, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. On the way up I was monitoring my car's outside thermometer and the temperature just kept dropping the further north we went, and it was scary, it went as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Fast Forward to the closing night of Igloofest 2014, we made our way to the Vieux-Port De Montreal ( Old Port ), we found parking kind of far away from the venue, I would say about a 15min walk. Within the first 5 min, I was calling quits! my wardrobe for that night was terrible, I was totally not prepared, and because of my bad experience I wanted to create sort of a guide of what to wear to make sure you look good and stay warm! 

"Within the first 5 min I was calling quits!"

What I Wore: 

  • Aviator Wool Hat 
  • North Face Parka ( Layer 4 )
  • tank top ( Layer 1 ) 
  • Flannel Shirt ( Layer 2 )
  • Ninja Pullover ( Layer 3 )
  • Womens Leggings ( yes I wore women leggings 😒, sorry sis ) 
  • Chinos ( why? I still ask myself to this day, but i thought I looked good 😛 )
  • Thick Wool Socks ( Feet Layer 2 )
  • Regular Ankle socks Under the Wool Socks ( Feet Layer 1 )
  • Timberland Classic Boots ( Not the best idea )
  • Gloves... women's gloves because i was unprepared, they did not fit 

All that and I was still freezing, I had to buy foot warmers and hand warmers ( highly, highly recommend getting a couple of those )

Igloofest is a great event, great music, great people, beautiful city, nice scenery, and plenty of activities to do on site. But thats not all, every year igloofest has a "one piece" contest, and with that being said, I give you my "What To Wear" List. 

What To Wear: Women / Men 

Links for samples of clothing and accessories are for women, as i already provided a few samples up above for mens clothing. But the same idea applies to both 



  • Long Sleeve sweatshirt
  • Long Sleeve Shirt 
  • sweater



  • Heavy Coat, Jacket ( the more popular ones i saw are definitely the Canada Goose & North Face Parkas
  • But if you want to stand out you can always check your local thrift store , or eBay or your parents closet to see if they have any Retro or 70s-80s Style Colorful ski jackets 
  • Ski or Snowboarding jackets 
  • One Piece Suits - Tacky, Funky Colorful One Piece Suits! 
  • Fun, Colorful Hats 
  • Costumes! i saw quite a few people in full out costumes. One girl was a Polar Bear


  • Winter Boots
  • Not Timberland Classics Like I Wore, Make Sure They At Least Have Wool Insulation


  • Gloves, Heavy Gloves! 
  • beanies or aviator hats
  • scarfs
  • goggles 
  • Sunglasses or colorful eyewear 
  • "Bling Bling" 
  • Hand Warmers! Highly Recommend!!! ( they sell these at Igloofest but they're kind of pricey just for a pair )
  • Foot Warmers! A must Have! ( I literally thought i was going to get frostbite until i bought a pair of these ) 
  • GoPro ( Optional. I personally had my Gopro with me and I'm glad i did because i had a lot of fun and it was great that i was able to capture that night with my friends and family, ill provide the video at the end of this post ) 

Ok thats my list, i hope you all stay warm out there and don't make the same mistake i did by going underdressed, and light. Remember to dress heavy and go inside the bathroom areas to take breaks from the cold weather.